Activate your email address before posting. Check your inbox or spam folder. This makes you eligible to join Community Events soon!

Posting Videos from YouTube

Simply copy the URL (link) of the video from YouTube from the address bar of your desktop or mobile phone browser, and paste it on the text box of your topic or message.

How to Boost Someone's Reputation

For community members to be eligible to participate in online community events (eg. contests, win prizes, etc.) the @admin may require a certain level of Reputation.

Reputation is earned from other users voting their messages and/or topics up. To do so, simply click the ^ symbol at the lower right corner of each post or topic.

Your current reputation can be viewed or checked through your own profile.

You can't vote your own posts, nor vote other posts down.

Online community events are to be posted at Announcements.

Share post to Facebook and Twitter

Users can share a particular topic to either Facebook or Twitter. This can be done by clicking the 3 dots at the lower right portion of the post (right side of Reputation vote) and select your desired social media platform (log in required).

Mention other users in your posts

You can mention other users in your posts. Add @ followed by his or her user name and it will automatically mention or tag her in your post. That user (mentioned/tagged) will be notified immediately.

Chat another user

Private messaging or to chat another user can be done by viewing the profile or user name, and on the profile click or tap the green button (to the right of the profile photo) and select "Start new chat". That user will be notified that you sent a message.

Also, you could add more users to your chat room by clicking/tapping the gear button at the upper right portion of the chat window and select "Manage Chat Room" and type the name/s of the user/s you would like to add in your conversation.

The private chat room can be viewed in both desktop and mobile devices.

Reputation is not available in the chat feature.

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Know more about, how it started, and how can you reach us here, formerly the FEU TAMBayan (Tamaraw Bayan), is an online Far Eastern University student and alumni community established September 2006.