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Architecture Licensure Examination Performance

  • Far Eastern University - Manila , IARFA (Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts)
    Percentage of examinees (passing rate) who successfully passed the Architecture Licensure Examination

    Exam Date First Retakers Overall
    June 2016 67.86 27.27 56.41
    January 2017 63.41 24.24 52.17
    June 2017 64.75 22.22 50.27
    January 2018 51.47 41.79 46.67
    June 2018 56.28 17.46 46.34
    January 2019

    Source: Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
    *First - First time exam takers
    Overall - combined percentage of first time exam takers and retakers

    Should there be corrections feel free to post comment/s below (and cite source/s or references for the corrections).

  • updated June 2018 results


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