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FEU vs ADMU round 1

  • Almost a year from our sorry loss to Loyola based dribblers during the Do or Die Final 4 Match up. Same Coaches, Almost parading intact line up, with key additions, its PAYBACK time for the Tamaraws. Last year weve almost a stop away from reaching the Finals. This year with ADMU still crosses our paths, this time for hotly contested 1 and 2 Positions in Standings.
    Here are my IMHO keys for WINNING this Wednesday.

    1. Prepare Mentally with or Without Arvin T.
    2. Defend 3 point line patiently. No lazy defense.
    3. Contain Koame at all cost.
    4. Convert the Freethrows immaculately.
    5. Aggressive Drive to the Basket. Our main Offense.
    6. Everyone must contribute be it 2 or 1 pt. We all need that during the crucial stretches of the game.
    7. Crowd Support.
    8. Think positive. 5-2

  • We're lucky na hindi nag click ang outside shooting ng Ateneo kanina. Ang hirap nila pagpagin. Kahit yung mga akala nating back-breaker shots natin, buo pa rin loob ng Eagles. Muntik na tayo dahil sa last TO ni Cani. Buti di nahawakan ni Isaac Go yung bola nung final possession haha

  • Na Brandrey Bienes Sila hehe

  • Thank god, it's BIENES nga sabi ng kapatid mo HAHAHA


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