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2018 Maningning Miclat Art shortlisted entries to be exhibited at FEU

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    Maningning Miclat Art Awards 1st winner: “Kolonyalismo,” by Dexter Sy

    Eighteen out of 62 qualified online entries to the 2018 Maningning Art Competition were shortlisted and will be unveiled on Sept. 3, 6 p.m., at the Exhibit Hall of the Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts at Far Eastern University (FEU) in Manila.

    The exhibit-sale of the Top 18 entries back to back with the exhibit sale of paintings by past winners of the art award will run until Sept. 26, the day when the grand winner of the 2018 Maningning Award for painting will be announced at the iconic FEU Auditorium.

    The shortlisted artists and their artworks are, in no particular order, as follows: Andres M. Catig, “Dinadalaw na Naman Tayo ng Kaluluwa ni Papa”; Arvin Santos, “Ordinary Day”; Christine Capili, “Tabula Rasa”; Cyriel Cleope, “Peace”; Cyrill Jan Mustera, “Sinners”; Deo Carlos Amarante, “Longings of the Heart”; Dhan Louie Bautista, “Collateral Damage”; Dominic Nelson Jinon, “Come, He’s Here!”; Harddy DC Santos, “Cover Up”; Jayroll P. Francisco, “Icon”; Jessica Lopez, “Motion of Life”; Jheco Lorica, “The Modern Throne of Basic Needs”; John Nikko Pelaez, “Beg”; Kenneth H. Santiago, “Different State of Emotions”; Ralph Lauren Barola, “The ARTstoppable”; Ronald Dulay, “Balik Tanaw”; Rhicelle Kirk Tabanera, “Different Motions through Everyday Situations”; and Wendi T. Patoc, “Hindi Na Maibabalik Pa.”

    The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a Julie Lluch Sculpture trophy, a check for P28,000, a Miclat book collection and a solo exhibit at District Gallery in Quezon City.

    The public is invited to the exhibit but are requested to make reservations at the FEU President’s Committee on Culture at telephone numbers 8494145 or 7364897.



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