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New Rule On UAAP Drummers

  • UAAP drummers are now being limited by the UAAP Board this season. Here's an article from Scout for reference:

    I'm not sure what's the logic behind this move. Too loud and noisy? hmm..

    Your thoughts??

  • should we limit the number of fans watching because they're "too loud and noisy" too?


  • @common_name


    kung tuloy talaga to, this might be the most boring UAAP season yet 😴

  • @ednjr
    uaap games will never be the same as before. Drums cheer up and make the crowd alive hehe

  • UAAP: League loosens up limits on drums in games
    Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News
    Posted at Sep 04 2018 07:45 PM

    The UAAP has decided to loosen up the proposed limits on the use of drums during basketball games.

    From the initial 2 bass and 1 snare limit, the league will allow bands to use up to 4 bass and 2 snare drums for basketball games at the MOA Arena and Araneta Coliseum, the league said in a memo issued by UAAP executive director Rene Saguisag Jr.

    In smaller venues like the Filoil Fly V Gym and the Blue Eagle Gym, squads will only be allowed to use 1 bass and 1 snare drum.

    However, Saguisag discouraged bands from “indiscriminate drumming.”

    “It is encouraged that the drumming be more in tune with the ebb and flow of the games rather than indiscriminate, incessant pounding from tip-off to the final buzzer -- particularly, timeouts and intervals of play should be drum-free,” he said.

    Saguisag said during the league’s official launch of Season 81 that they have consulted the coaches about the guidelines.

    “Of course, we spoke to the coaches,” he said. “We need more communication between the coach and their players, the coach and the officials.”

    “From my personal experience, a drummer would probably drum 1 game per weekend. Ako, I had to endure drumming Sunday morning, which would end Sunday night. So 8 straight games of drumming, and I did that for 3 years.”

    Saguisag added that the guidelines are still a work in progress.

    “The idea was gradual change… it's also just experimental. For all you know after the first few games, ‘pag talagang kulang, e di dagdagan natin, wala namang problema.”

    Regarding brass bands, squads are allowed to bring in “a maximum of 25 instruments as part of their brass band, none of which, however, should be a drum.”

    The memo also stated that no brass band will be allowed in the smaller venues.

  • is that enough? sorry di ako aware kung ilan talaga drummers sa games i don't count lol

  • No one has put their attention to the drummers until Coach Tab in 2016. Something’s fishy.🤔🤔🤔

  • Naalala ko yun time na complete yun FEU TAMARAWS na drums bale 12 kasama yun logo ng FEU.

  • 0_1536248319748_7.jpg

    Found this through Google, I did see them use a lot of drums in games at the Smart Araneta Coliseum (Araneta Coliseum back then). I wonder if they used all of these older ones before.

    With the current rules, I still find it a lot less than the number of drums I'm used to seeing during games. It's just my opinion lol ✌

  • Nice throwback photo common_name!

    UPDATE: The UAAP Board has responded to the said issue.

    alt text

    Reduced pa rin from the usual number, but I guess this is better than what was originally ruled upon. 🤷

    And oo nga, that theory about Baldwin sparking this change is a bit glaring. hmmm.. 🤔


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