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FEU taps WEnergy Global for power partnership

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    In its pursuit to creating sustainable academic institutions, Far Eastern University (FEU) partners with WEnergy Global, a leading provider of solar energy. The collaboration will equip FEU’s campuses with cost-effective and greener source of power.

    The project commences at one of FEU’s affiliate schools, Roosevelt College Inc, (RCI). The solar panels will serve 25% to 30% of the total electrical consumption of the campus in Rodriguez, Rizal. After these installations, the next set of major projects will be in FEU Silang in Cavite.

    “Investing in better solutions for energy conservation and efficient power utilization is not just a conscious effort to fight climate change, but also our contribution to the advancement in Philippine education. We aim to offer our students and community with sustainable structures that will withstand this century and beyond,” explains FEU Chairman Aurelio Montinola.

    The partnership reflects the university and company’s shared passion for excellence and innovation.

    “It gives us hope to have a private university taking the lead for green growth. There is nothing like sustainability where it counts the most: the place where we educate our nation’s best and brightest,” says Quintin Jose Pastrana, President of WEnergy Power Pilipinas Inc.

    Embracing advance Solar PV Energy in FEU is also in line with the university’s commitment to providing quality, future-ready education. It continues to find ways to utilize technology in its campuses, from the state-of-the-art facilities to its outcomes-based curriculum.


  • I hope they’ll do this with FEU Manila as well


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