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The FEU TAMBayan was an online Far Eastern University (FEU) student and alumni portal, first went online September 25, 2006. The FEU TAMBayan aimed to unite all FEU students and alumni online to discuss various ideas, grievances, and any other topics they wish to talk about, not limited within the walls of the university.


TAMBayan, a fusion of two terms, namely Tamaraw (FEU’s mascot in sports events and considered as the university icon), and Bayan, Tagalog for community or group with common ideals. The term was suggested initially by Aldrin Vasquez, one of the founders of the website and an alumnus of the Institute of Nursing, and former artist and associate web editor of The Advocate. The administrators launched an online poll regarding the website’s new official name or identity last May 20, 2007, wherein other terms such as Piyo, Piyu, and Silanganan were also suggested. The term TAMBayan prevailed, as voted by the forum members, which suggests that the website would be a place to hang out online.


The FEU TAMBayan has been online since September 25, 2006. The website started out as an online forum alone of The Advocate, official student publication of Far Eastern University - Manila, and was named The Advocate General Discussion Forum, with Engel Ang Tong from the Institute of Arts and Sciences, and as The Advocate’s first web editor and Aldrin Vasquez as the associate web designer. As months passed the forum has grown in terms of number of members and topics. However, in the year 2007 the forum eventually was invaded with spam messages causing the forum, along with The Advocate website, to be temporarily suspended. After a few consultations with The Advocate Editorial Board by Christian Evasco from the Institute of Arts and Sciences and one of the founders of The FEU TAMBayan, on May 15, 2008, the forum has been successfully transferred to its own domain online,, to avoid any spamming incidents that might again suspend The Advocate’s website.


The website administrators removed the term FEU from the suggested domain name in order to welcome interested non-FEU students or graduates to the website, as long as they know how to respect FEU, its students and alumni.


One of the few features of the site was to allow FEU students & alumni share their experiences not only in the university but also their political, social views, as well as a venue for literary and other forms of artistic endeavors through articles or active participation and discussion of desired topics in the forum.

August 2008, the administrators added at php based chat room for the registered forum members for quicker updates, or just simply to exchange messages live.

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As the FEU TAMBayan

  • 2nd place (Community and Portal Category), 11th Philippine Web Awards (2009)
  • People's Choice Award (Community and Portal Category), 11th Philippine Web Awards (2009)
  • People's Choice Award (Community and Portal Category), 12th Philippine Web Awards
  • Best Website (Community and Portal Category), 12th Philippine Web Awards, formerly the FEU TAMBayan (Tamaraw Bayan), is an online Far Eastern University student and alumni community established September 2006.