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Online Community Rules

Be nice.

Act like an FEU student or graduate.

Don't do these, else you'll be banned:
Uploading copyrighted material without owner's consent or citing source/s
Uploading pornographic / adult content
Posting links leading to harmful materials/websites
Inciting hate, discrimination, racism, etc.
Harassment, bullying, swearing
Posting topics in irrelevant categories

When posting materials (eg. articles, photos, screenshots) from other online (or offline) sources or references, citing the author/s, publisher, or website URL is highly recommended.

Rules posted June 15, 2018.
Updated August 1, 2018.

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Know more about, how it started, and how can you reach us here, formerly the FEU TAMBayan (Tamaraw Bayan), is an online Far Eastern University student and alumni community established September 2006.